Garage Organization Products

Overhead Garage Ceiling Storage Racks

  • Garage Ceiling Racks are by far the best bang for your buck to create storage and organization in your garage without losing any of your garage floor space. They hold 600 lbs and come in many sizes to fit your needs. Available sizes: 4×8, 3×8, 2×8, 4×6, 3×6, 2×6, and 4×4


Garage Slatwall Wall Organizer

  • Slatwall is a great way to create wall storage in your garage for items you need to access daily, but stay out of the way until you need them. The Slatwall organization wall panel can be cut and fitted to virtually any size. The wide range and versatility of all the hardware options are what makes it so popular. It will accommodate baskets, shelves, hooks, specialized tool holders, shoe racks, and more. Available colors in White, Gray, Black, Maple, and Cherry.


Garage Wall Shelving

  • Another economical garage organization solution is our industrial garage shelving. Each shelf holds 250 lbs and is bolted directly in to the wall studs using case hardened 2 1/2 inch lag bolts. These shelves also have a 1 degree rear tilt that helps prevent items from falling off.
  • Available depths: 12”- 18′- 24′


Garage  Cabinets

  • Definitely the most expensive option, but nothing looks better than a set of high quality customs cabinets. Cheaper flat packed prefabricated cabinets have their place, but nothing compares to the build quality, strength, and durability of cabinets from a professional cabinet maker.



Tire Storage Rack

  • Car enthusiasts and racers know spare tires and wheels take up a ton of room in a garage. Our wall mounted tire storage rack solves that problem. No more wheels and tires stacked up in the corner of your garage or blocking precious space.
  • Heavy-duty, 12-gauge telescopic tubing is 15% thicker and 15% larger in diameter than our competitors.
  • Adjustable up to 56 inches.
  • Industry-leading grade 8 case-hardened lag bolts included.
  • Textured black powder coated brackets with textured zinc tubing and black oxide 3/8″ bolts.


Stand Up Paddle Board Rack – SUP Storage Rack

  • Our Paddle Board rack fits almost anywhere and allows you to securely store your Paddle Board, surfboard, kayak, or just about anything else that needs a flat, padded surface. Manufactured using industrial-strength steel with a powder-coated finish and its guaranteed not to rust.

  • Multipurpose for many different boards and kayaks.

  • 5mm foam provides cushion to safely store boards.

  • Padded hooks for storing your paddle, leash, or booties. 200-pounds max weight capacity.

  • Assembled dimensions 24”L x (16-64)”W x 10”H