Common Questions on Garage Floor Epoxy

How do you determine price?

In most cases we charge by the square foot. We will multiply the size of your garage by the square footage. The square footage is a measurement of the floor and the stem wall. In short, any concrete we apply the coating system to, is a part of the square footage. In some rare cases, we charge by the job / project when it’s something unique. There are also some upgrade services we offer that are a flat line item charge rather than a square footage rate.

Are 1 day Epoxy Floor installs lower quality than 2-3 day installs?

No. 1 day Epoxy Floor installs are just as good. The short version…the chemistry and the science simply does not support the claim of 1 day epoxy floors being inferior. The long version…From time to time, we hear from customers that a competitor told them a 1 day epoxy floor install is lower quality and it’s a “new” product that can’t be trusted. It’s honestly one of the silliest things we’ve heard. We totally respect how an honest and quality competitor chooses to install their epoxy floors, however, for those contractors who say 1 day systems are new and not good, it’s just a dishonest sales tactic. These systems have over a 20+ year history and almost all the top national manufactures produce an epoxy coating system that can be installed in 1 day. Also, thousands of install companies around the country use 1 day systems everyday. In fact, many commercial and industrial jobs require 1 day systems because they cannot afford to shut down too long, but still require the absolute best performance from the coating system. Installing an epoxy floor in 1 day is less about the product and more about the company’s robust prep machines, how dialed in their procedures are, and how organized they are. Companies choosing 2-3 day installs is typically more of a reflection of their preference of scheduling 2 jobs a day. In this case, they prefer to leave their first customer by 11 am, so they can still make a second customer stop that day. Rather than going to a second job, we simply take a break for a few hours and then return to the same job for completion. We have been installing 1 day epoxy floors for over 17 years with a lifetime warranty. There are no shortcuts on 1 day installs. We still perform a deep and thorough diamond grind, and we still install the thickest and highest quality coatings available on the market. We can even put you in touch with manufacturer chemists if you would like to hear the science on it.

How long will my Epoxy floor last?

Epoxy Floor longevity results can vary from company to company, but we offer a lifetime warranty & we have customers with floors that are over 17 years old that still look beautiful. Even from heavy use in a residential property, these floors simply do not wear out. Wear and tear is really only discussed in our industry when talking about harsh industrial and military facilities. You may see wear marks from a constant high traffic area of forklift traffic or in a manufacturing facility that is constantly spilling harsh chemicals in the same spot for months and years. Still, in most cases, the coating doesn’t fail, it just simply shows the signs of use.

Does my garage need to be empty or can you empty it for me?

We are not a licensed moving company and prefer you have the garage floor clear for us when we arrive to install your Epoxy Floor. Especially in the case of a 1 day install, there is only enough time for us to perform the install. We will however, help you out in anyway we can.

How long will it take to complete an epoxy garage floor?

95% of our residential epoxy floor installs will take 1 day. We ask for 2 to be safe. In some rare cases it can take up to 3 days.

Will my floor yellow?

No. All of our Polyaspartic floor coatings are UV stable.

Will the coating peel up under my car tires?

No. When proper diamond grinding is performed for concrete prep, and high quality Epoxy Coatings and Polyaspartic Coatings are used, this is never an issue.

How do you prep the concrete before installing Epoxy?

We diamond grind the concrete to the national standard specification of CSP 3-5 required for Epoxy Coatings & Polyaspartic Coatings.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! In fact we have the best Epoxy Floor warranty in San Diego compared to our competition. 10 years & Lifetime.

Will my new Epoxy floor be slippery?

Yes & No. Epoxy floors have incredible traction when the surface is dry. However, they can be incredibly slippery when there is liquid on the surface. The good news is, we offer a very elegant anti skid additive that can be incorporated in the Polyaspartic Top Coat to create traction in the event you have something wet on the surface.

Is Epoxy flooring easy to clean?

Yes! Epoxy Floors are very easy to clean! In fact the reason epoxy floor coatings were invented, was to aid in the ability to clean up spills easily.

How should I clean my Epoxy floor?

When cleaning your Epoxy Floor, we recommend using 5 gallons of hot water per tablespoon of Dawn dish soap. You can spot clean with stronger cleaners but do not clean your entire floor with anything that is strong and could leave a heavy residue behind. Avoid degreasers. Also avoid using any abrasive cleaners or abrasive scrubbing tools. Although you wont typically see any immediate problems, over the years, this can hurt the beauty of your floor.

Will my Epoxy floor scratch easily?

No, Epoxy Polyaspartic floors are very durable and are chemically formulated to hold up against abuse. However they are not bulletproof. They can scratch and scuff. We recommend if you ever move anything, do not drag/slide it across the floor.

How soon can I drive on my new Epoxy floor?

Based on the manufacturer datasheet of the Epoxy Coatings and Polyaspartic Coatings we use, it is recommended to wait 48 hours before introducing vehicular traffic. We however, recommend waiting 72 hours after the last coat goes down to be safe. Since dry time can be longer in some cases because these products have temperature dependent dry times, we add an additional day.

Why do some epoxy floors have more shine than others?

The short answer is, if you are comparing Epoxy Garage Floor pictures from different local companies, many times it’s simply the lighting and angle of the picture taken. In other cases, some companies have different protocols on how thick they go down on the final Polyaspartic clear top coat. We are known for our extra thick coating methods, and we also offer a Showroom Glass Coat as an upgrade for those who want that extra WOW factor.

How do you handle the Post Tension stamp on the concrete?

Post tension stamps are created by the builder when the concrete is still wet. It serves as a warning to other contractors not to saw cut into the concrete. We leave the stamp a solid color so it is still visible. Keep in mind, in some cases, if the builder returned to stamp the concrete too late, the quality of the original stamp may not be great. We are not recreating the stamp, we simply make it more visible.