San Diego Epoxy Garage Floor Installers, Now in our 17th Year

We are Veteran owned, First Responder owned, and Father & Son owned. At 17+ years in business under the original owner, Nathan Obermeyer, we are San Diego’s highest rated and longest standing Garage Floor Coating Installer. When you hire us, your not just hiring a great company, your supporting Military Veterans and First Responders. Certainly there are still some quality competitors out there, but we hope we can win your business with our unmatched customer service, a reputation that has stood the test of time, and our extra thick showroom epoxy floor coating system. If you notice our garage floors look a bit “different” than our competitors, it’s because even for a residential epoxy garage floor, we install an extra thick “high build” garage floor coating system that’s rated for forklift traffic and meets Military Specification performance and thickness.

Words of Praise from Our Garage Flooring Customers:

5 stars all the way! If these guys are not Ex-military, it would surprise me. They were organized, clean, and left nothing behind except a breathtaking epoxy floor.
I’ve had epoxy floors installed in my garages in previous homes and loved them all, but this one is my favorite. Thanks Nathan! You and your special forces team knocked it out of the park!
P.S. Thank you for the military discount!

Erika G.

Nathan did an excellent job installing an epoxy floor in my garage. I didn’t realize the number of steps it takes to do the job right, but Nathan did just that.

He took his time, was diligent on each step of the process, and did an excellent job.

I recommend him highly, and will refer him when the opportunity arises.

Mike F.

These guys epoxied my shower for a high end renovation, it looks awesome.

Right price, right company for the job thanks!

Sean F.

I have never seen this in England, best decision ever! Its easy to clean, so no dust… its basically like driving into another room in my house. Nathan was a cool guy to do business with. Thanks mate!

James L.

NuGarage Is Consistently Rated the #1 Garage Epoxy Installer in San Diego:


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Whether it’s an Epoxy garage floor / Polyaspartic garage floor, garage organization, a commercial coating for a warehouse or business, or an industrial floor coating for a manufacturing facility, we have the experience and product knowledge to help. We are veteran owned, we are father and son owned, & we have been proudly installing epoxy garage floors in San Diego California for over 17 years (2005)

We will create a design to help turn your garage into one of the most attractive and useful rooms in your home.

At Nü Garage Epoxy, we specialize in Epoxy, Polyaspartic, Polyurea, and Polyurethane concrete coating systems for your garage floor, or any commercial, industrial floor, and military facility.  Our concrete coating systems are also military grade / military specification (mil spec), forklift rated, and drop-dead gorgeous.

17 years ago, in 2004, we were the first in the industry to offer a lifetime adhesion warranty for a garage floor coating, and we still do. Our Mil Spec / Military Specification Epoxy Polyaspartic floor coating product & installation are the thickest & strongest specification period. Even when compared to high quality commercial grade epoxy floor coating products, Mil Spec is far superior.

We have an epoxy floor coating system for residential epoxy garage floors, commercial kitchen floor coating, industrial floor coating, manufacturing plant floor coating, food processing plant floor coating, military base floor coating, aircraft hangar epoxy flooring, restaurant floor coating, kitchen floor coating, bar floor coating, bathroom floor coating, manufacturing plant floor coating, brewery floor coating, anti static server room floor coating, auto repair floor coating, hospital floor coating, locker room floor coating, gym floor coating, pool deck coating, patio floor coating, and more,

Our Epoxy Polyaspartic floor coating is also a great compliment to other garage organization and garage upgrades. We can create a design that incorporates garage ceiling storage racks, garage shelving, and garage cabinets. Here are some manufacturers worth checking out who offer garage organization upgrades.

-MonsterRax / Safe Racks overhead garage storage racks are a tremendous value, have legendary reliability and durability, and the manufacturer offers you a lifetime guarantee.

-Flow Wall, manufacturer of Garage Cabinets. Although pricey, offer a quality cabinet with a unique slat-wall integrated in to the design which adds unparalleled organizational options.

About Nu Garage Epoxy

#1 San Diego Epoxy Flooring company. We are Veteran owned. We are Father & Son owned. We have been installing Epoxy Garage Floors, Polyaspartic floor coatings, Polyurea floor coatings, Polyurethane floor coatings, Quarts floor coatings, Urethane Cement floor coatings, UPC floor coatings, and Grind & Seal flooring services in San Diego since 2005. At 17 years old & counting, we are San Diego’s longest standing epoxy floor installation company!
Our science based approach delivers Epoxy Garage Floor installs at the highest specifications year over year. You will never speak with a sales rep. Every team member at our company is either family, or a technical industry expert & installer. Our goal is to educate you on the industry, our products, our services, & our process. Whether you hire us, or one of our quality local competitors, you will see from the first phone call, our #1 goal is to be helpful.
We are licensed, insured, and carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are also the highest reviewed epoxy floor installation company in San Diego.
In addition to epoxy floors, we can also design & create budgets for garage makeovers. Our designs can incorporate items like garage epoxy flooring, metallic epoxy flooring, garage cabinets, garage shelving, garage ceiling storage racks MonsterRax / Safe Racks, garage doors, garage motors, wireless garage door keypads, Slatwall garage organization, insulation, drywall & texture, garage painting, garage lighting, garage audio & video, garage gyms, & more.
We approach every garage as an opportunity to show off what we do best, designing a garage to be one of the most beautiful rooms in your home!

Our Core Epoxy Flooring Services & Garage Organization Design Services

FAQ’s on Garage Floor Epoxy

How long will my Epoxy floor last?

Results can vary from company to company, but we offer a lifetime warranty & we have customers with floors that are over 17 years old that still look beautiful.

Does my garage need to be empty or can you empty it for me?

We are not a licensed moving company and prefer you have the garage floor clear for us. Especially in the case of a 1 day install, there is only enough time to perform the install. We will however help you out in anyway we can.

How long will it take to complete an epoxy garage floor?

95% of our residential epoxy floor installs will take 1 day. We ask for 2 to be safe. In some cases it can take up to 3 days.

Will my floor yellow?

No. All of our products are UV stable.

Will the coating peel up under my car tires?

No. When proper diamond grinding is performed for concrete prep & high quality epoxy coatings and polyaspartic coatings are used, this is never an issue.

How do you prep the concrete?

We diamond the concrete to the national standard specification of CSP 3-5

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! In fact we have the best warranty in San Diego compared to our competition. Lifetime.

Will my new Epoxy floor be slippery?

Yes & No. They have incredible traction if there is no liquids on the floor. They can be incredibly slippery when there is liquid on the surface. The good news is, we offer a very elegant anti skid additive that can be incorporated in the top coat to create traction in the event you have something wet on the surface.

Is Epoxy flooring easy to clean?

Yes very easy! In fact the reason these floors were designed was to aid in the ability to clean up spills very easily.

How should I clean my Epoxy floor?

We recommend you use 5 gallons of hot water per tablespoon of dish soap. You can spot clean with stronger cleaners but do not clean your entire floor with anything that is strong and could leave a heavy residue behind. Also avoid using any abrasive cleaners or abrasive scrubbing tools. Although you will not see any immediate problems, over a ten-year period or longer, this can deteriorate the aesthetic appeal of your floor.

Will my Epoxy floor scratch easily?

No, they are very durable and are chemically formulated  to hold up against abuse. However they are not bulletproof. We recommend if you ever move anything heavy you do not drag it across the floor. You must use a dolly.

How soon can I drive on my new Epoxy floor?

Based on the manufacturer datasheet of the coatings we use, it is recommended to wait 48 hours before introducing vehicular traffic. This dry time can be longer in some cases as these products have temperature dependent dry times.

Why do some floors have more shine than others?

The short answer is, if you are comparing pictures from different companies, many times it’s simply the lighting and angle of the picture. In other cases, some companies have different protocols on how thick they go down on the final Polyaspartic clear top coat. We are known for our extra thick coating methods, and we also offer a Showroom Glass Coat as an upgrade for those who want that extra wow factor.

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