Garage Storage Cabinets in San Diego

Nü Garage Epoxy can create a garage storage cabinet design to fit your lifestyle & Garage Organization needs. There is no getting around the price of quality garage cabinets. However, when you are ready, we can show you the best & most elegant Storage Cabinet solutions available.

A Garage Cabinet for Every Lifestyle

There are many choices for garage storage cabinets. Inexpensive Garage Cabinets are never good and good ones are never cheap. If you are on a budget, there are some decent prefabricated / flat packed cabinet lines. You will really have to do your research on the best ones, because some of them are quit terrible. We suggest to always look for the most robust warranty that is also clearly written. Warranties, in most cases, are a good indication of the Garage Cabinet build quality and  the manufacturers willingness to stand behind their product.

The best options is a professional local cabinet maker. When cabinets do not have to be designed to be flat packed for shipping and friendly assembly by DIYers, they can can engineered and built at the highest level. In addition to  engineering better build specs, most professional cabinet makers will “glue & screw” when assembling their cabinets. Its night and day when the glue & screw method is used,

For those on a stricter budget, Garage Storage Racks & Garage Shelving is a great alternative.

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