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Greetings from San Diego! We are designers and installers of Garage Floor Paint (Epoxy and other Coatings) throughout the San Diego area.

While we are specialists in high-end showroom garages and multi-layered logo designs, we happily bring our expertise to more down-to-earth projects. Epoxy remains the most popular choice for residential garage flooring due to its durability, resistance to elements, and color and texture flexibility. The days of the dull gray garage floor are long gone--our epoxy floors are available in thousands of color schemes and offer tremendous opportunities to explore texture.

You can view pictures of garage floors, cabinets, and garage racks that we have done, or read on to learn more about our epoxy garage floor applications.    

Concrete Preparation

Concrete Floor PreparationWe begin with the most important step in the epoxy garage floor process: preparation. Concrete must be properly prepared in order to accept adhesion from any floor coating, whether epoxy, urethane, or polyurea. Regardless of the coating we apply, we always prepare all concrete surfaces with a heavy-duty diamond-head grinding machine. This machine roughens the concrete and ensures dead-on adhesion. Beware of outfits that recommend acid-etching before the application of coatings. Acid etching presents three significant disadvantages: First, it does not adequately prepare concrete; it simply isn't tough enough. Second, it leaves an acidic slime behind that can inhibit adhesion. Finally, it makes concrete wet, which can further inhibit adhesion.      

Epoxy Base Coat and Flakes/Chips

Epoxy Floor Chips and flakes Epoxy garage flooring can be applied as a solid color, but it is more common and popular to broadcast colored vinyl chips into the epoxy base coat after it is applied. The picture at left shows our installer applying an epoxy garage floor. Epoxy is a popular and effective material for coating garage and commercial floors because of its tremendous adhesive properties, and its durability.    

Final Stages

Following the base coat and chip application, we apply two coats of clear gloss. Typically, we apply a two-part epoxy clearcoat, and thereafter, we apply a two-part UV-protected urethane. The clear epoxy builds up the coating, and urethane prevents sunlight from damaging the coatings beneath, and is also tremendously resistant to abrasion.

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