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Nu Garage and Epoxy in San Diego

Welcome, we are nu Garage and Epoxy of San Diego, California. We do one very simple thing very well: We make your garage into one of the most attractive, organized and useful rooms in your home. With our systems & solutions we design, install and perform complete garage makeovers. We install state-of-the-art, commercial-strength storage racks, and we install attractive and hyper-durable garage epoxy floors in both garages and commercial facilities.

Our estimates (and our planning), by phone and in person, are always free. Please feel free to call us.

Our epoxy and poly garage floors are commercial-grade, tough as nails, and drop-dead gorgeous. We install in both residential and commercial environments. Our overhead garage storage racks are the best you'll find anywhere: MonsterRax. We love MonsterRax because of their tremendous value, their legendary reliability and durability, and their lifetime guarantee (that's right: a lifetime guarantee). Our installers are experienced and polite. The more you know about garage makeovers, the more you'll want nu Garage and Epoxy.

Epoxy Floor

Complete Garage Makeovers and Organization

When we combine elements: re-organization, flooring, overhead racks, and storage/work areas, the overall effect is stunning. Can you imagine playing with your children in your garage? How about a barbeque or tailgate party in your garage?

Our customers garages are transformed, and they use their garages in new ways.

Check out our picture gallery -- there you will find dozens of ideas to get you on the road to your dream garage.

Overhead Garage Storage Racks - San Diego

MonsterRAX, Stuffed

We offer the finest overhead solution your storage needs: MonsterRax.

What Over Head Racks Can Do For You

Use the overhead space in your garage wisely.
● You can keep dangerous items away from little hands.
●More convenient and cheaper than monthly storage rentals.
We sell only one brand: MonsterRax overhead storage racks are the most well-made, most durable, and best-looking racks we could find anywhere. Contact us today learn morehere.

Check out our picture gallery -- there you'll find dozens of ideas to get you on the road to your dream garage.

Epoxy Garage Floors San Diego

Garage Floor and Garage Storage RacksOurgarage floors are the finest you will find anywhere.

Whether your garage floor is a simple single color, a full-flake designer color, or a complex multi-color inlaid logo design, our craftsmen exhibit the highest standards of artistry and craftsmanship.

We specialize in multi-colored logo flooring designs. Review our pictures to see garage floors that will simply blow you away.

Check out our picture gallery -- there you'll find dozens of ideas to get you on the road to your dream garage.

Garage Cabinets

Garage Cabinets Available in San Diego

We are dealers and experienced installers of a wide range of garage cabinet manufacturers such as Vault, Moduline, and Ulti-Mate.

Because we carry a wide range of cabinet designs, we can design many styles of garage. Our typical installation utilizes wood cabinets which is the choice of most homeowners. We also carry several metal lines, which appeal to motoring enthusiasts.

Check out our picture gallery -- there you'll find dozens of ideas to get you on the road to your dream garage.

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MonsterRax Installation Special!

MonsterRax Installed for $299 each, out the door (on 2 or more racks), no hidden charges.
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